Water Coolers
•	Simple to use and easy to maintain.
•	Stylish and robust design. 
•	High usage suitable for all environments
•	Available in Black, White or silver.
B2 Water Cooler
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J-Class Water Cooler
Designed for high performance, The J-Class 
water cooler is a mains fed highly reliable work 
top dispenser that offers the choice of Hot, Cold, 
Sparkling & Ambient water.  This is an ideal cooler 
for the hospitality and health sector.
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PowerSmart 2 Boiler
The PowerSmart 2 Boiler saves you money and 
reduces your carbon footprint. The PowerSmart 2 
Tabletop Boiler has been designed with a built in 7 
day timing mechanism which allows you to turn the 
Boiler OFF during night times and over the weekend.
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Express Water Coolers: Water Coolers and Water Dispensers (POU)

Water Coolers Express - buy water coolers | Northwest, Manchester and London : water coolers for home, workplace, office and schools

Welcome to Express Water Coolers

Express water coolers work hard to provide our customers with the best water cooling equipment from the top manufactures. We offer style and choice at the best possible prices to suit all budgets. Our range of Water Coolers and Water Fountain Dispensers will suit all environments, from a large capacity high demand school or call centre to a low capacity home kitchen or small office.

Over the past decade water coolers have become an essential part of the office, providing daily hydration. This in turn can help to maintain wellbeing and also increase productivity in the work place. Having your own water coolers provides an endless supply of fresh chilled filtered drinking water at the touch of a button. Recent legislation has made it a legal requirement for employers to provide drinking water for their staff. Providing an office water cooler will help to achieve this in a cost affect way.

Water coolers have become increasingly popular in the home. Having a home water cooler is an ideal way to keep the family fit and healthy, as drinking plenty of water during the day is essential for health and wellbeing of children and parents alike. Drinking plenty of water can also help toward weight control and dieting, as drinking water removes toxins from the body and help your body’s natural metabolism. We supply a comprehensive range of counter top water coolers to suit every taste and fit nicely with in your home kitchen décor.

Our mains fed or point of use (POU) water coolers, connect directly to your existing water supply, eliminating the need to buy heavy, cumbersome, expensive bottles. Filters can be fitted either internally or discreetly at the rear of the machines allowing pure fresh tasting water at the touch of a button.  Our full range of water coolers, dispensers and fountains are competitively prices and stylish, suiting all budgets for both home and business use.

As approved suppliers to a wide range of manufacturers, we supply all replacement parts, Filters and installation plumbing spares. All Spare Parts are available in stock for direct dispatch. Help is available to identify any part you may require free of charge, contact our technical team via email of telephone for help.

Flexible maintenance terms and installation is available throughout the UK, please contact our customer services for more details. 

Borg & Overstrom

Water coolers

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Borg & Overstrom

When purchasing a Borg & Overstrom water cooler you can be sure of high quality and breakthrough technology. Order yours today!




Water cooler dispensers

Pure fresh filtered water at the touch of a button, without the need to buy expensive heavy cumbersome bottles. Drinking mains water that has been filtered and chilled is replacing bottled water throughout the UK at an increasing level. People are realising that with the power of filtration, tap water is not only cheaper but is also as healthy as bottled water and is better for the environment as well as the pocket. Our filtration systems guarantee that all water dispensed is free from all contaminants and impurities, ensuring fresh natural pure water for you your family or colleagues to enjoy.

Mind & Body

As our bodies are made up of roughly of 80% water, hydration is essential in everything we do. Pure Filtered water from a water cooler not only tastes great but is an idea and fast way to rehydrate your body, promoting health and wellbeing as well as improved concentration. Drinking quality water can help with weight loss by helping the body’s metabolism and can help to remove toxins from the body improving life and health in general.

Kids need water

Children need to drink and be encouraged to drink water regularly. Young bodies need to grow and develop, water is essential for the development of both body and mind. Having a sleek eye catching water cooler in your home kitchen encourages children to drink water regularly as these machines are fun to use and makes your every day tap water taste so much better. keeping a sugar free cordial next to your machine allows children to make a healthy fresh chilled drink reducing the need to buy unhealthy sugar filled sodas.


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When it comes to delivering your goods, Express Water Coolers work hard to maintain the high standard of service you expect. 

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Express water coolers work directly with the manufacturers to deliver you a quality and reliable service you want and expect.


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Customer Testimonials

Waterlogic Plumbed In Water Machine

" Really happy with my WaterLogic water machine that was supplied and fitted in my kitchen by Express Water Coolers, who are friendly and professional. The customer service is excellent and they have a great selection of filters and UV lamps to keep my water machine in tip top condition. My water never tasted so good and my dogs love it to. No more chlorine tasting water. I recomme ... "
Chris Brookes

Fast delivery. Great service. Would recommend.

" I’d seen an ad on Facebook and decided my family could benefit from a Water cooler. We were spending a good chunk of money on bottled water each week. I had a look on their website and found a water cooler I liked, Alpha 1 Ii think it’s called. Ordered it along with an installation kit and a blue water filter. It was free delivery which was a bonus. It arrived the same week, abou ... "
Mike B

I got a water machine for my home

" I’d been purchasing bottled water from Tesco for years because of how awful the tap water tasted. We decided that because I only tend to drink water, we would purchase a water machine. Not knowing what to look for, we searched the web and came across express water coolers. They had lots of different water machines so I decided to give them a call to help me find a machine suitabl ... "


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